De-indexing on Google – Angry Panda’s revenge!

We’ve all felt it. That queazy feeling in the pit of your stomach when you see months of SEO work go down the drain at the hands of Google and their evil henchmen (they probably think the same thing about most SEO gurus out there).

Recently a huge number of private blogs have been either de-indexed or greatly devalued. We’ve seen companies like shut down their link services (at least for the moment) as a result of Google’s latest updates.

I’ve personally felt the sting of Panda as well, seeing one of my top ranking keywords go bye-bye. I knew it was just a matter of time, as this particular keyword’s ranking was built on shifting sand instead of solid rock. Sometimes when you game the system, the system games you.

No biggie, we rebuild, reload, and re-rank. Plus I have one other big ace up my sleeve. More on that in just a bit.

However, for some website owners who are highly dependent on organic search engine listings, the latest changes to Google’s algorithm have created extreme panic.

They have set up their business model to constantly get new customers and that all important first sale. As long as things are clicking along on Google, then they are in the money.

But now that Panda has pulled the rug out from under them, they are in a world of hurt.

Ask most of these Google-dependent website owners what their most important asset is and they will tell you their website, their search engine rankings, or their products.

Ask long-term SUCCESSFUL website owner’s the same question and you’ll without a doubt get the same answer…their email list.

There is a ton of power to be found in the list. You’ve probably heard this over and over. Nothing new here.

However, if you haven’t been building your list AND Google just slapped your sites off the front page, then maybe it’s time you started paying attention.

If you have one, your email list is your opportunity to create instant revenue…any time you want!

If people have purchased from you before, they are much more likely—as much as ten times more likely–to buy from you again vs. cold traffic visitors coming to your site (provided you took good care of them when they first ordered).

Putting your list into action gives you options to create instant cash such as:

1) Creating instant cash-flow to meet payroll

2) Running a special sale to cover your upcoming tax bill

3) Paying for that anniversary trip that you really owe your significant other

4) Surviving another couple of months while you get your ranking back up to speed

5) Investing in or launching a new product or business

Bottom line, your email list can flat out save your butt when trouble comes a knocking! …which, during this recession, seems to have been a frequent occurrence in many of our online businesses.

My list will keep me going for the next couple of months while I rebuild some of the rankings I lost in the latest update.  I don’t have to push the panic button.

This is the ace I always have up my sleeve…and Google can’t do a thing about it!!

If you’ve been in business for any reasonable length of time, then you should have a customer list.

It’s time to start putting it to work for you!

In my next post, I’m going to give you some practical suggestions for how you can capture more email addresses from your site, as well as use the ones you have—even if your email list is ancient!

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